Painting Cost Estimates in Dubai

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Painting Cost Estimates in Dubai

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If you live in Dubai, you might have to renovate your house on yearly basis. The weather here is so rough, the paint and distemper wears off, making the walls look ugly. So when it comes to renovation and painting services in a city like Dubai, cost is the top most concern of everyone.

You will find a lot of companies providing painting services in Dubai. The charges range from few hundred Dirhams to thousands. This decision has to be taken wisely. Mover in Dubai is one of the few Painting Services Providers in Dubai offering affordable services in this regard. Here is the breakdown:

Painting cost Estimates

Apartment Buildinginfographic-painting-services-dubai

Studio Room      AED 600-1000

1 bedroom          AED 1100-1500

2 bedrooms        AED 1300-2000

3 bedrooms        AED 1700-2500

4 bedrooms        AED 2000 – 3600


Villa Painting

2 Bedrooms        AED 1900 -2300

3 bedrooms        AED  2900 – 3500

4 bedrooms        AED 3000 – 4500
Click on the image to the right side to see this information in an infographic.

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