Painting Your New Home: Tips

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Painting Your New Home: Tips

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If you ever have moved to a new home, you would have faced this. The new home seems to be an alien world. This is because the old house had become dear to you. One of the solutions to own your new house is to give to it a fresh look according to your mood and taste, through painting.

Here are some fantastic painting solutions for your new home:

  • Painting a home with long and narrow spaces could be a challenge as the paint reflection shall make the apartment look spacious. Try painting with pearl finishing for this purpose.
  • In order to give a premium look to the new home, here is a premium tip. If the ceiling is higher than 8 feet, keep the ceilings paint 2 shadows darker, if the walls are below 8 feet, keep it two shadows lighter.


  • If you feel your new home is low and darker, try painting your walls with matte paint and ceiling with glossier paint.
  • In order to make the walls look tall, try painting the moulds as same color as the walls.
  • If the walls are of lighter colors, painting the ceiling with dark color will make the ceiling look lower than it actually is giving a poor appearance. In such case, paint the ceiling either in contrast to the walls with lighter color or the same color as the walls.
  • Using the same paint in areas with more humidity (such as bathroom) and less humidity (such as drawing room) is also a mistake. Try using glossier paint in areas with more humidity compared to regular matte paint in areas with less humidity.


These great painting tips, if applied, will make you apartment look like it has been painted by a professional painter.

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