The best way to Move a Couch Through a Narrow Door

The best way to Move a Couch Through a Narrow Door

The best way to Move a Couch Through a Narrow Door

The trouble of moving a couch or maybe sofa by way of a narrow doorway is a frequent problem that numerous individuals face when moving to a brand new house or following the purchase of brand new furniture. Sofas often appear to be also big for the opening, a problem exacerbated by protruding seatbacks, arms, and legs. But with a bit of preparing as well as know how, you may have the ability to press the couch of yours by way of a a door opening which does not are like it is going to allow the piece to pass through.

 Equipment and Supplies You’ll Need

Computing tape

Pen as well as notepad

Cordless tool as well as driver bits

Nail or any other sharp item


Protection glasses

Energy knife

Pry bar


Worker’s gloves

Huge towel

Carrying straps

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Two people that are strong are needed because of this project since also a tiny couch may weigh almost as 100 pounds. Sleeper sofas and lots of standard sofas are able to weigh 350 pounds or even more. In case the legs could effortlessly be eliminated, do so initially. If it wasn’t, leave them connected for today. Eliminate soft cushions, throw pillows, plus almost all extraneous clothes from the couch.

 Illustration of couch going by doorway

Illustration: The Spruce / Melissa Ling

Calculate the Couch’s Dimensions With the measuring tape, calculate the exterior dimensions of the couch as well as jot down virtually all measurements. Because you’re enthusiastic about the couch’s total optimum size, use leading tips as the reference areas of yours. For position, extend the measuring tape from the floor on the highest point on the rear of the couch. For breadth, measure from a single couch arm on the other arm. Make sure you identify probably the farthest likely measure and points between them. For depth, degree from front to back.

 Determine the Scale of All Openings Whether you have to advance the couch of yours by way of a narrow room, such as a doorway, or maybe by way of a hallway, stairwell, and elevator doors, you initially have to find out dimensions of the passageways. Use a tape measure to evaluate both level as well as width of the openings. Jot on the dimensions on a notepad.

 Correlate Couch & Opening Sizes It’s essential to plan on paper, just before getting the couch. This can help you stay away from damage and injury on the home. In case the couch is under eighty in wide, it’s a great prospect for shifting vertically because the interior as well as exterior door openings are generally eighty in tall, such as door stops. In case the couch is possibly twenty nine in tall or even heavy, it is able to generally be put horizontally by way of a door, since inside door openings are usually twenty nine 1/4 inches wide and exterior door openings thirty five inches wide, such as door stops.

 Get rid of the Doors It’s often better to remove interior doors before shifting the couch. Inside doors are easy and lightweight to eliminate without unscrewing the hinges from possibly the door or maybe the door frame. In order to eliminate a door, tap out the hinge pins with a nail or any other clear- Positive Many Meanings – merchandise, tapping way up from the bottom part. Pull every single pin the way through, now shift the door sideways to get it off of the hinges of its. When you don’t desire to eliminate the door or even think it’s not needed, you are going to need to have the original measurement of yours from one doorstop on the door’s nearest advantage when opened as much as you can. Keeping the door in position decreases door opening width by almost as one 1/4 inches.

Remove Door Stops as well as Hinges () that is optional In case you still require additional space to move the couch with the opening, you are able to remove doorstops as well as door hinges.

Doorstops would be the strips of trim on the interior of a door frame which keeps the door securely in position when it’s shut. Taking out the doorstops on the sides are able to have you 1/2 inch if one doorstop is eliminated and 1 inch if both doorstops are eliminated. Vertically, taking out the top doorstop is going to help you get another 1/2 inch of height.

Removing door hinges are going to help you get 1/2 inches of door width. Additionally, taking out the hinges aids in preventing damage to tight fitting couches. Make use of the cordless drill as well as driver bits to eliminate the screws and fixed the hinges separate.

Move the Couch Vertically or horizontally Each mover must use mittens and raise the couch by the frame, whenever you can. For quite heavy couches, it can be required for both movers to use lifting straps. Assuming you’ve determined the couch could be put vertically, position the couch on end, with a bath towel beneath to safeguard the couch fabric. Slide the couch toward the home, then walk it through the doorway directly or maybe in a hooking movement with possibly the seat or even the back entering the home first. Whenever the couch could be put horizontally and level, just have the couch straight out in a level job.

Move the Couch Diagonally () that is optional If some other techniques fall short, a couch is often moved in a diagonal manner. For starters, both movers buy the couch in every end. Subsequently the couch is tilted ahead forty five degrees so that the very first mover can connect the top couch arm within the door. The majority of the couch uses in a kind of corkscrew motion. This process needs serious power and might be impossible for lots of people to do since much back-and-forth maneuvering is needed.

Couch Moving Tips

In a pinch, in case the house of yours has wall-to-wall carpeting and also you need very vertical height, you are able to strip back carpeting within the door area. Baseboards will 1st have to be removed. Carpet seams might have to be parted.

Frequently you are able to work with a mover or maybe a furnishings tech to fully or partially dismantle the sofa, move it, then reassemble it inside of the preferred area.

Make sure you measure other passages and all hallways which lead to the last destination. In cases that are numerous, the doorway is just the first obstacle. Doors generally result in hallways, giving you a narrow room when you overcome the door. Imagine the way the couch is going to get through the door in addition to space immediately beyond.

When you discover the couch is simply too heavy, hire professionals to get it done for you.

It can help to have a third individual on hand to clean up the way in which as you and someone else move the sofa.

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